• July 17, 2019
  • Last Update April 22, 2019 11:05 pm
  • Minneapolis

About us

Our goal at Activism.org is quite simple. We intend on producing quality, source checked, accurate news from some of the most respectable journalists from within the activist community. We plan on being extremely transparent in an age of growing secrecy. The main stream media is bought and paid for by a number of big money groups. Division is a growing problem that I think is much worse than many of us even realize. The Right VS Left in the daily main stream news is not going to get us very far if we truly would like to help change the world around us. When people are fighting back and forth about little issues, many big issues are just not even mentioned. If we want to have a positive impact on the world around us, we’ll have to work together.

Another very important difference between us and most outlets is that we will not jump on bandwagons or create catchy headlines just to be the first to cover a breaking story. Many news outlets rush stories so that they can be the first to report about any given event. When that happens, you get false information spreading around and many times the corrected articles don’t get the same reach as the original inaccurate article. In just the last year alone many news outlets have created stories that were just completely untrue or laughably inaccurate. The sharing of incorrect information is something that can be fixed by just waiting for the dust to settle most of the time.

We will be creating a section on this website of activist events happening from all over the world and also, if possible, real time livestream videos from those events. I personally think that it’s helpful for people to see actual full video and make their own conclusions rather than have mainstream outlets show you what they want you to see so that they can better control the narrative of an event. How many times have you seen a quick clip of an event and never actually got the complete story? Audio soundbites and quick video clips are there just to sway you into believing the bias of any particular news organization or even those funding them. We are in no way tied to big money groups and hope to keep most coverage as unbiased as possible.

We will also have a section on the website of tips that relate to direct action such as, homemade gas masks, things that help with teargas spray, and even tips on how to organize a moment of your own locally. There is the obvious need for factual news that doesn’t have the intent of division. We are at a point in time where it makes no sense to remain silent. The main stream news is more a source of division than a credible source of information. We will also be reading the emails sent by people that come to the site so that we can better make the site what we all need. This should be a community not just some money-making news corporation. We intend on sharing ad revenue with our contributors so if you like an article please share it around since we won’t be relying on big money for the spreading of our information. We’re all in this together, and I hope with accurate information we can help change this world.